Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taverna Capranica Roma

Strolling through the streets of Rome this past weekend. I took an alternate route than usual and skipped walking by the beautiful Pantheon...instead I walked along a street in front of it and was happy to stumble upon:
Although the service was slower than we all desired ( I was with most of the flight crew and with an early pickup in the morning, we all wanted to get back to the hotel fairly early ...), the food more than made up for the wait. Most of us ordered pizza and were delighted to be served incredible oval shaped concoctions that were easily 12" long and 6" wide! Yet we all managed to eat one a piece! The wine selection is extensive and there is no 'house wine' since they are in fact an enoteca. A tad pricier but your head won't hurt in the morning. Off the beaten path, non-touristy and right up my alley! At least the new alley I was walking on that evening.
The perfect evening ended with gelato at Giolitti, but more on that place later!