Tuesday, March 23, 2010

La Opera - Ciudad de Mexico D.F.

La Opera Bar and Restaurant, was highly recommended to me by a very good friend and his suggestions are always right on! In the center of Mexico City between the Reforma area and Zocalo, I was pleasantly greeted into this historically intriguing eatery. (see the link above)
I ordered the Carne Asada Tampinquena and was completely satisfied. The meat was perfectly medium and the accompanying side dishes made for a delicious meal. I created my own tacos amidst the varied selection of ingredients on my plate: fresh made tortillas, nopalitos, guacamole with cotijo cheese, mole sauce (that smothered a side enchilada), marinated onions, jalapenos, verde salsa and limes. Don't forget the Indio beer for refreshment.
Satiated, I rolled out of the decorative and calming ambiance into the festive 80+ degree streets of la Ciudad de Mexico, ignoring the protesting groups marching to loud speakers, by the omni-present machine gun clad guards, drooling past the window displays of the multiple pastelerias and back to the comfort of my layover hotel to rest before my 4 am wake up call and another 14 hour duty day in the sky.