Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yo Amo Los Tacos!

I just love the street food in Mexico City. The spa was closed so I wandered the streets to seek out my favorite street food stand near the artisan market close to Paseo de la Reforma. They serve the most amazing 6 pesos (50 cents ) chile relleno tacos and really the only chile relleno tacos I have ever seen. Amazing hand made corn tortillas, a little bit of rice, a queso=filled relleno pepper topped with a spicy red salsa...lunch for a $1 and always fresh! Once the stand is out of these healthy and hearty masterpieces, no more are made so I always try to get there before noon. I then strolled by Esmerelda church and witnessed the beautiful pre-Christmas service with a flashing Christmas tree next to the preacher. I bought a little statue of San Judas de Tadeo which is supposed to bring me a better work life and more money; who doesn't need or want that?
Tonight I will be venturing out to the rotisserie chicken taco stand for a $1.50 meal before my early bedtime. On the way back to the hotel I stopped by the Christmas fesitval in Alameda Park and enjoy a Tlacoyo...which is a blue corn tortilla topped with your choice of beans, cheese, onions, cilantro, nopalitos ( cactus ) and zucchini flowers....what a traditional treat!...Photos of these places coming soon once I return! Hasta la vista.