Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Krung Thep - Paris

Thai food is definitely a favorite of mine and no one does it better than Krung Thep in Paris. Yes, in France!
I had heard about this so called "dive" from many other bloggers and several restaurant rating websites and decided to try it out on my last trip to Paris. Although this place is tucked away on a side street in the 20th Arrondissement area called Belleville, it was not a dive in my book. This was an elegant and tasteful restaurant with a unique seating arrangement in joyful colors and an authentic Thai vibe throughout.
Even though it takes a tad of contortionism to place one's bottom and legs correctly into the communal table environment, once settled I was pleased by the food, the service, the dishware and decor, the ambiance and the company around me.
First of we ordered the pork satay which was cooked to perfection and accompanied by a delicious peanut dipping sauce. Next I devoured my Gang Khiew Whan Ghai ( Green Curry Chicken ) and Jasmine Rice that had real Thai vegetables that were delightfully fresh and not at all overcooked. Of course we sipped on Singha Beer which creates a perfect balance between the tangy and spicy and refreshes the palate. Other dishes I was delighted to witness were the Tom Kha Gai with Shrimp and the Ginger Beef, both quickly consumed by the delighted customers beside me.
I had read some scathing reviews of this place but I disagree. I will definitely return to Krung Thep for more tasty goodies in the future.
Khob Kun Kha!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chez Paul

Looking for the ultimate in classic French cuisine at a reasonable price in a dreamy hideaway atmosphere?....make sure you head to the 11th arrondissment and try out one of my favorite Parisian bistros: Chez Paul on rue de Charonne.
I was delighted with all of the fare offered on the à la carte menu but after a thorough review I decided on the in the very authentic soupe à l'oignon. Imagine a perfectly oniony broth filled with to-die-for gooey gruyère and moist floating baguette slices... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
I then indulged in sardines grilled with sel de guerande on a watercress salad accompanied by the most delectable gratin dauphinois à la noix de muscade.....I tell you what there was moaning at my table!
I was also lucky enough to try the pâté de foie de volailles and the steak au poivre, all completely perfect and in such a quaintly cute French entourage. Not a word of English was spoken but the air was clear of snootiness. The men at the table across from me were dressed with iconic French details: one sported a typical white and blue striped marine shirt and the other a foulard....all that was missing was a man wearing a beret.
So hop on the metro and stroll the dreamy streets of the Bastille area and don't forget to stop by Chez Paul for dinner one night. You will not be deçu ( disappointed )!
This place is so good I just realized I already wrote about it in 2009 when I started my blog...:)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bouillon Racine

Gluttony was the word and feeling du jour after visiting Bouillon Racine in Paris....
escargots, red wine, crunchy baguettes, fois gras with fig jam, suckling pig, melt in your mouth agneau in a cocotte with drinkable sauce..creme caramelle! Miam miam!!
I'm still rolling in the luxury of it all! This fine meal was enjoyed in the company of delightful crew members. What a better way to live than to find oneself in Paris, after working all night, snoozing for 4 hours then amongst kindred spirits, relaxing in the art deco ambiance and savoring life's delicacies.
I love my job!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


You might say, why would one eat Japanese food while visiting the City of Lights? Well, when you've lived in Paris for many months, visited there for over 26 years and layover for work in Paris more times then you can count and sometimes more than once a week ( like me ) then eating food other than French is just a normal way to live.
Do you eat a Hamburger in the US everyday?
How about Wienerschnitzel in Germany over and over? Not so much!
So when I get that urge for good, filling, tasty and inexpensive food, I usually grab a few friends and head to Higuma. After waiting in their quick but consistent line, you can escape with stomach and pocketbook full at around 12 euro tops, 17 with beer...;)
This is a typical Japanese place, very similar to the places I've frequented in Narita. You select between lamen (noodle), donburi (rice) or itamemono (saute) bowls with your choice of meat and veggies. The sets come with salad, miso soup and pickled veggies. Big bottles of their only available beer, Asahi, are a must.
For authenticity go to their rue Ste Anne location and for modernity, the Palais Royal location. Both serve identical menus and please the palate, every time. Arigato!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Basta! ( Enough! )

What better way to ring in the New Year than amongst great friends, delicious drinks, tasty treats and in a restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany aptly named, Basta! with my good friends Michael and Dieter.
Basta in Italian means "enough" and is a shortened version of the word: abbastanza.
The 5 course 'Sylvester' menu for New Year's Eve was incredible. We started out with a delectable hot goat cheese salad drizzled with lavender honey and sliced black truffles. The second course was a scallop concoction, next followed a quaint quail plate, then a succulent veal with gratin dauphinois and finally a chocolate mousse and poached pear dessert....incredible!
All was enjoyed in a festive bistro ambiance and paired with a fresh Riesling!

According to German tradition "the night of the Holy Sylvester, the last night of the year, has always been the night of fools and a funny good time." I am so glad to have been able to share this funny foolish and delicious night with good friends!

The year 2010 was certainly not one of my favorites although it was memorable for medical issues, family drama, higher bills and lowered income....all that is about to change in 2011 because I have had it with the "old", in with the new so BASTA to all things bad, bring in the good! I'm ready and receptive! Happy New Year to you all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

La Carta de Oaxaca

La Carta de Oaxaca did not disappoint my extreme urge for authentic Mexican food while on a layover in Seattle.
This place is an amazing restaurant in the heart of Ballard near downtown Seattle...I had the Entomatadas...awesome carne similar to asada style with tortillas, beans, rice, cheese and a red sauce. The accompanying guacamole and salsas were delectable and a traditional margarita added the perfect touch to a perfect meal.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Voglia di Pizza

Voglia di Pizza near Campo di Fiori in Rome was truly a pizza dream come true! Whether you eat gluten free or not, the two brothers from Sardegna have really gone out of their way to please all lovers of pizza and haven't forgotten those of us needing to eat gluten free!
I had to ask them three times if they were sure that my Capricciosa pizza was really gluten free because it was as good if not better than other pizzas that I have eaten in Italy. I can't imagine how good there regular pizza dough must be! The pizza was akin to the fabulous thin crust yumminess that I've experienced at my former favorite hole in the wall pizza joint: Pizzeria da Baffetto.
I sat facing out onto the busy walking street of Via Giubbonari where the place is located and thoroughly enjoyed myself while washing down the delicate flavors with a tasty Spanish gluten free beer: Estrella's Daura. Which by the way was also the best gf beer I've ever tasted....so overall I am so happy to say that I can live a normal and pleasing existence even when in Rome....I am doing/eating as the Romans do and can!