Sunday, January 9, 2011


You might say, why would one eat Japanese food while visiting the City of Lights? Well, when you've lived in Paris for many months, visited there for over 26 years and layover for work in Paris more times then you can count and sometimes more than once a week ( like me ) then eating food other than French is just a normal way to live.
Do you eat a Hamburger in the US everyday?
How about Wienerschnitzel in Germany over and over? Not so much!
So when I get that urge for good, filling, tasty and inexpensive food, I usually grab a few friends and head to Higuma. After waiting in their quick but consistent line, you can escape with stomach and pocketbook full at around 12 euro tops, 17 with beer...;)
This is a typical Japanese place, very similar to the places I've frequented in Narita. You select between lamen (noodle), donburi (rice) or itamemono (saute) bowls with your choice of meat and veggies. The sets come with salad, miso soup and pickled veggies. Big bottles of their only available beer, Asahi, are a must.
For authenticity go to their rue Ste Anne location and for modernity, the Palais Royal location. Both serve identical menus and please the palate, every time. Arigato!


  1. I'm oh so with you on this.
    Have a happy weekend! xx

  2. I prefer the Palais Royal location. Calmer, civilized and you don't have to wait in line....