Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bistro Incroyablement Bon!

Wow, another great Paris layover with some excellent bistro fare. Le Baribal near Metro Pasteur was a hit with all four of us. I got the suggestion from another traveling francophile recently who raved about the Escalope de Veau au Roquefort. She was more than right. The rich and slight crustly Roquefort cream sauce smothered the succulent veal escalope accompanied by thin green beans and pommes de terre. All washed down with red table wine, we were all soaking up the extra sauce with the crusty french baguette slices. I was so glad to be able to share this wonderful meal with 3 others since I'll start to fly to Rome again starting next month...Cabonara here I come. Stay tuned!
Je vous embrasse.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm dreaming of Roma. The romantic Rome of winding cobblestone streets, bright stucco walls, thin crust pizza with burnt edges bursting with flavor, incredible uomini decked out in three piece suits even when it's 90 degrees, pasta cabonara that tastes like an entire wedge of parmesan melted inside of it, inexpensive fine red wine & my favorite aperitif...un 'Spritz' ( Campari, Prosecco and soda with an orange twist! )
mamma mia vorrei andarci stasera!!!!

To express the romantic essence of Rome, I am sharing my collection of Marian art around Rome. When strolling the streets you find them mostly on the corner of buildings.. Many depict the image of Mary by herself, others of her with baby Jesus.

A little history on Marian art: