Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm dreaming of Roma. The romantic Rome of winding cobblestone streets, bright stucco walls, thin crust pizza with burnt edges bursting with flavor, incredible uomini decked out in three piece suits even when it's 90 degrees, pasta cabonara that tastes like an entire wedge of parmesan melted inside of it, inexpensive fine red wine & my favorite aperitif...un 'Spritz' ( Campari, Prosecco and soda with an orange twist! )
mamma mia vorrei andarci stasera!!!!

To express the romantic essence of Rome, I am sharing my collection of Marian art around Rome. When strolling the streets you find them mostly on the corner of buildings.. Many depict the image of Mary by herself, others of her with baby Jesus.

A little history on Marian art:


  1. Che foto stupende, e pensare che ero a Roma esattamente un anno fa'!
    Beautiful photos, and to think that a exactly a year ago I was in Rome!
    Keep them coming. Ciao
    P.S. check out my give away (on my blog scroll down few post and it will be there)

  2. The past two days my husband and I have been searching the internet for convents to stay when we're in Rome next year. Your photos are lovely...maybe i'll give each of my boys a disposable camera and have them take photos with a different theme each day: Marian, Ancient Rome, etc.

  3. Bella,Ricoro Roma con te _ una memoria speziale. Questa fotografia di Marian Arte e incredibile, Gretchen.

  4. Beautiful! I love Marian art. By the way - my husband LOVES the Rome photos! He was so happy and they'll be framed and will be hung in our entryway. Thank you!