Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow in Rome!

For the first time in 25 years, snow fell on Rome. I only captured this image on the way to the city center from the airport. I had hoped to capture images of snow on the palm trees but we arrived once this fleeting experience was melting away...I can't help but turn this into an instant metaphor of how I need to remind myself to enjoy the 'now'.
I have a small child and she changes so very quickly that sometimes I can't keep up with the progress! Since I travel out of the country every week, I miss her day to day developments as I'm sure many parents also do by working a day job. Kids change so rapidly, as does life itself. One moment can make a difference and change a life for better or for worse.
I sometimes have to remind myself to remain present in the moment since my life is always moving, literally.
I'm on a perpetual ''round-trip". Yet every time I return, something has changed, if ever so slightly. I embrace change yet I cherish something constant and solid. That is why I enjoy cuddling up with my favorite cushion and blanket on the couch and sitting in the same comfortable spot after lighting a favorite candle in order to signal the end of a very long day.
I realize it is ok to order the same carbonara 50 times in a row at the same restaurant and request the same table because that may be the only thing that stays the constant in my ever changing life.
Sometimes the predictablity is the comfort itself while I appreciate the differences I experience every day!