Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Voglia di Pizza

Voglia di Pizza near Campo di Fiori in Rome was truly a pizza dream come true! Whether you eat gluten free or not, the two brothers from Sardegna have really gone out of their way to please all lovers of pizza and haven't forgotten those of us needing to eat gluten free!
I had to ask them three times if they were sure that my Capricciosa pizza was really gluten free because it was as good if not better than other pizzas that I have eaten in Italy. I can't imagine how good there regular pizza dough must be! The pizza was akin to the fabulous thin crust yumminess that I've experienced at my former favorite hole in the wall pizza joint: Pizzeria da Baffetto.
I sat facing out onto the busy walking street of Via Giubbonari where the place is located and thoroughly enjoyed myself while washing down the delicate flavors with a tasty Spanish gluten free beer: Estrella's Daura. Which by the way was also the best gf beer I've ever overall I am so happy to say that I can live a normal and pleasing existence even when in Rome....I am doing/eating as the Romans do and can!