Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Hour Milano Style - Pasticceria Clivati

One of my favorite places for Happy Hour in Milan is definitely Pasticceria Clivati on Via Coni Zugna, 57. This quaint and delightful mom and pop pastry stop is a must on the walk along the tramway towards the Zona Navigli area of Milan.
Happy Hours in Milan are varied and popular but this one takes the 'cake'!
I was able to share my favorite pre dinner drink, the Spritz, with 6 of my fellow ( or women ) crewmembers and an large assortment of nibbly treats! Since the owners recognize me there I always ask them to bring out something special! We were sampling peperoncino savory shortbread ( click link for recipe! ), marcona almonds, tuna cream toasts and fresh foccacias and puff pastries filled with olives and ham. Many other appetizers adorned the bar such as nuts, chips and olives and the price is definitely right: 5 € for each drink with the yummies included! Not to be missed!