Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm obssessed with kitchen gadgets! Should I color coordinate them or go with the flow? Should they be all the same brand or are different brands good for different purposes?
Since I love to eat it's no surprise that I also love to cook!
I'm currently in the market for the perfect lime green lime juice squeezer. I've seen them in the Mexican markets. I just bought a mandoline today for the perfect grilling slice or shredded veggie.
My mother gifted me a meat tenderizer as a gift after the birth of my daughter ( very strange! )
I have an olive wood and a bamboo cutting board which I both use.
My knives must be sharp at all times! My quiche pans are from France and my pistal and mortar set is from Mexico....I've got a pan for every occasion! So on my next trip to Rome, wish me luck while visiting the C.U.C.I.N.A. store which sells an item I'm convinced that I truly need (as pictured above).
The name for it in Italian sums up how I feel right now at the start of the New Year:
"Con Beccuccio Salvagoccia" which translates as "a spout that saves every drop"......
I feel both overflowing with abundance but yet needing to savor what I have and use it all before I deserve to acquire more.
So I think I'll buy myself one of the beautiful glass olive oil dispensers and savor every drop of the fabulous Italian olive oil that I put in it! Just as I now savor the time I have with my gorgeous daughter, the lovely hand cream from a hotel I'll never get to visit again, the beautiful scent of the Diptyque Thé candle that my dear friend gifted to me for my birthday and so on.