Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Krung Thep - Paris

Thai food is definitely a favorite of mine and no one does it better than Krung Thep in Paris. Yes, in France!
I had heard about this so called "dive" from many other bloggers and several restaurant rating websites and decided to try it out on my last trip to Paris. Although this place is tucked away on a side street in the 20th Arrondissement area called Belleville, it was not a dive in my book. This was an elegant and tasteful restaurant with a unique seating arrangement in joyful colors and an authentic Thai vibe throughout.
Even though it takes a tad of contortionism to place one's bottom and legs correctly into the communal table environment, once settled I was pleased by the food, the service, the dishware and decor, the ambiance and the company around me.
First of we ordered the pork satay which was cooked to perfection and accompanied by a delicious peanut dipping sauce. Next I devoured my Gang Khiew Whan Ghai ( Green Curry Chicken ) and Jasmine Rice that had real Thai vegetables that were delightfully fresh and not at all overcooked. Of course we sipped on Singha Beer which creates a perfect balance between the tangy and spicy and refreshes the palate. Other dishes I was delighted to witness were the Tom Kha Gai with Shrimp and the Ginger Beef, both quickly consumed by the delighted customers beside me.
I had read some scathing reviews of this place but I disagree. I will definitely return to Krung Thep for more tasty goodies in the future.
Khob Kun Kha!