Wednesday, October 14, 2009

La Piogga a Roma ( Rain in Rome )

I love the rain and got caught in it or up in it while walking the cobblestoned streets of Rome this past weekend. In between two cappuccinos and a great glass of Barbera d'Asti, I got to splash through the puddles, slip on the shiny pavement, savoring the crisp air and feeling of autumn that is my favorite season in Europe. The fall is much past the tourist traps and ripe with visions of average daily life. This is the time that you witness what it is to be truly European, as families huddle in warm ristorantes consuming their favorite meals, artisans work diligantly in their shops creating pre holiday wares, stylish couples stroll the streets together under umbrellas, cafe windows steam up with customers sipping espresso and indulging in prosecco, the buildings reflect their mood onto the puddles positioned precariously close the narrow sidewalk you are manoeuvring as you make your way to meet a friend or have a meal. The rain gives me a feeling of sweet melancholy bordering on the mood of hibernating with a good book or favorite beverage.


  1. since our family is headed to rome next spring...i have enjoyed these posts. and i totally loved your description of la pioggia in rome...sigh. i want to be there now.

  2. Bella, Voglio "La Roma Macchina" fotographia per favore!

  3. I so home sick! Voglio andare a casa!!! I missed going back this year. I am glad to stop by your blog and pretending to be there. Statti bene mia cara. Ciao Rita