Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year/Buon Anno Nuovo

Happy New Year everyone! I was lucky enough to see the year out in Rome after a luscious but very reasonably priced dinner at La Danesina on Via Governo Vecchio. I was reluctant to try the Carbonara as that is truly my favorite and I do have a secret favorite Hostaria that serves it pefettamente al dente. To my delight the dish was exactly the same at half the price!
We enjoyed pasta and a bottle of chianti followed by Sgroppinos ( a lovely after dinner drink made of lemon sorbet with a shot of vodka and prosecco...YUM! ) and to top off the end of 2009, Tiramisu!
The evening ended with a viewing of five seperate fireworks displays from the balcony of our hotel. The rain deluge prevented us from remaining in the piazza for a closer look.
A lovely evening indeed. I hope you had a great New Year's Eve as well! Cheers to Health, Love and ( Money)...


  1. I love pasta alla carbonara! I called my mamma in Sicilia today and that's what they had for lunch to celebrate the New Year. I miss a good carbonara. Buon Anno Nuovo

  2. Gretchen, a very very Happy New Year to you and the family from us both. The fireworks here in Stuttgart were spectacular, esp. from our terrace right in the middle of town; very pretty!!! And YOU, young lady, were at a restaurant on one of my very, very favorite streets in Rome, via Governo Vecchia!!! ENVY. What a wonderful area with lots of little sidestreets and hidden, non-touristy eateries!

  3. Buon Anno Nuovo a te! You should write for a living. Wish I could have been in Roma with you (again).

  4. Buon Anno Nuovo Gretchen
    I couldn't be more envious!.. haha New Year's Eve in Roma!!
    I have to admit I cannot recall the street names now, will have to look up Via Governo Vecchio but assume it is in the old town!

    Have a wonderful new year Gretchen xx Julie