Monday, January 25, 2010

Hurricanes and Beer

Speaking of Hurricanes...I was lucky to spend a layover New Orleans, right on Bourbon Street, this past Saturday night. The pre Saints' football game mayhem was well underway hours before I struggled through the drunken crowds to any place serving food within the hour that I sat down. My intention was to try the local seafood at ACME Oyster House or Deanies but a two hour wait after working all day was not on my agenda.
I enjoyed some tasty fried crawfish tails along with one of my favorite beers: Abita RESTORATION Pale Ale.
This is a lovely smooth pale ale with a slightly sweet finish. A perfect way to wind down and "debrief" as we call it in the airline business.
After I started, and only finished, a third of a Big Gulp sized Icee-style Hurricane slushy drink that quickly went to my head; I caught a myriad of beads and boas that were thrown at me as I walked by.
This hyper-touristy part of the French Quarter makes you feel like you were invited to one BIG EASY party even if you find yourself solo. Albeit, tacky and not even remotely French, it's fun to enjoy a little traditional Americana stateside once in a while and say that you can knock it off your 1000's things to do before you die list. So there you have it!


  1. Love New Orleans and the French Quarter glad you had some nice brewsky time!

  2. Gretchen -- It sounds so positively tacky. Yet: I yearn to be there, too! I can perfectly imagine the whole testosterone-and-beer football crowd, and once in a while it really is enough to just get carried away in that kind of vibe. Well needless to say you, Dieter and I we'll be doing things a bit more stylish in Paris, but still, New Orleans and beer is sounding really good too! :-)