Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spice of Life Blog

My good college friend who now lives in Stuttgart, Germany, has also started a fabulous travel blog called Spice of Life.
Please check it out and check him out too...he is an incredibly intelligent and stylish individual with flawless taste in all he does.
His recommendations are better than any boutique travel book out there.

For more fabulous haunts, I'll be traveling to Milan this weekend and I'll be back with some more surprising delights from a city that people often pass over...I love the 'happy hour' scene in Milan and the shopping cannot be beat. The canal area ( zona naviglia ) although the place to hang out in the warmer months, has a unique charm in the colder months and many great restaurants to indulge in. Check back next week and find out what I discovered.

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  1. Gretchen, you're too sweet -- thanks for the kind words here. :-) But guess what: You beat me to it -- I wanted to do a write-up about YOU and Symphorose first! Well needless to say that will be coming up very soon at Spice of Life.
    And you're going to Milan! Yes, do mention something about the canals on one of your next write-ups here; I love that part of town but I'm not at all up to date anymore, so your tips are much appreciated. Well we've done Paris, Nice and Florence together before, so we'll eventually add Milan to our mutual traval collection. :-)
    Have fun!