Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordstyle Custom Names and Letters

Wordstyle on Etsy by Duane Georges
I am so proud of my husband and his new shop on can custom order any 3 dimensional word, name or letter and have it handmade by him in practically any font and color. This is an incredible gift idea for the holidays for a one of a kind item for you and your home, family or friends ( or their babies! and children ). He will take your request and create a unique work of art for you. Letters start at around $10 each! Just look at the one he made for me, I love it!
also visit his work site for signage, lighting and sculpture at


  1. Gretchen, how cool to get to see Duane's artwork! Very, very nice. Would love to see so much more!!! :-)
    I'm getting some serious gift ideas here, hm...