Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pleasant Ridge Reserve Deliciousness!

My dreams of retiring into cheese making ways were once again inspired this past week with a delightful discovery of the delectable cheese: Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

Described as: Semi-hard non-pasteurized cow milk cheese made from a single herd in Wisconsin; I was lucky enough to consume this at McCrady's in Charleston, SC last Monday evening. When I saw their artisanal cheese and extensive wine selection, I knew I'd be pleased. I was.

Not quite on the economic side price-wise but you really get a whole lot of bang for your buck with this one!
Tangy, salty goodness with a sweet caramelly after taste that leaves you begging for more!!!

The cheese was very well paired with the Tempranillo, Seis de Luberri, Rioja 2007 that I was sipping along with the savory treat....this will be my next big splurge. Instead of a candle, give me cheese! (and wine! possibly more costly than the candles I love!)

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