Monday, May 24, 2010

Gluten Free Discovery

I've been gone for a while since I recently found out that I have to start a gluten free diet for health reasons. I know, I know! I've probably consumed too many croissants, pizzas and local beers and that has put me over the edge. Well, I've done a lot of research and even though I can't just walk into any patisserie for the moment while strolling in Paris, my Dr. has told me that I should only have to do this for about a year.
My favorite haunt in Rome informed me that the dieta senza glutine is very popular in Italy and is mostly requested for the benefit of children suffering for gluten sensitivity. In most restaurants in Rome it is common to ask for gluten free bread and pasta. So I'm learning the ropes and will be back to you soon with a new find that will be food friendly for everyone, including our gluten free friends. I promise not to disappoint.


  1. Oh My Gretchen
    Sorry about the Gluten allergy.. I seem to be allergic to everything these days.. but.. your news that Roma has senza glutine meals fills me with hope !!! hahaha.. I will be keeping an eye out for these posts!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comments.. xx Julie

  2. I think youll be glad with this find what an amazing selection of goodies.There variety hits the market take a peek enjoy!

  3. Hi Gretch,
    Sorry to hear about your health issue. Just let me know if there's anything the doc in the house here can tell you advice-wise!