Thursday, June 17, 2010

La Ranarita ( Milano )

Thanks for your patience everyone, I've been out of work for several health reasons and I'm just starting to feel a tad better.
La Ranarita was a wonderful hidden ristorante/pizzeria that I stumbled upon during my last visit to Milan. La Ranarita means 'little frog' but we definitely didn't eat any!
Instead we treated ourselves to the most perfect pizzas made in a classic brick pizza oven.

My good friend Michael has always raved about the La Brera neighborhood, near the famous Pinoteca La Brera...You could have easily missed this terrific hideaway as the windows were covered in white curtains. I was with a group of hungry crewmembers and we were delighted to find this gem upon our stroll through the nearby park. The pizzas were delicious and perfectly cooked with the bubbly blackened crust from the fire and the pastas were excellent al dente perfection. A quiet, non touristy local spot to visit on your next jaunt to Milan. Enjoy. Auguri and more later.


  1. HI Gretchen
    Good to see you back... Hope you are feeling better and on the mend... must be the year for it.. I'm not working either for health reasons but hopefully it will improve now... although moving house not so much fun with adrenal exhaustion..

    Thanks for your kind comments.. look forward to more of your posts soon!! xxx Julie

  2. Gretchen, I had totally missed this post yours -- shame on me, seeing as any Brera tips are particuarly useful in Milan! (And was I the Michael you mentioned above? How sweet.)
    And were the people still hanging around outside the Brera bars, looking chic as they sipped on their wines? Ah, Italy...
    We'll keep you posted on our Sept. travel plans; Florence is looking good in mid-September, but isn't that when you have your girls' trip?
    So, it's off to Mykonos, and we would so love to experience a place like that with you one of these days. Well, we did manage St. Tropez together, and several other venues! :-)